Welcome Parents!

Welcome to the parents of our Biodiversity Today students.

This Wiki is a space where students can collaboratively learn and contribute knowledge about our topic. Everything posted on the website is restricted to members only. The only people who will be given membership are the students of room 13 at Riverview Primary and room 4 at ABC primary. Students will share their login with their parents.
Students will be given weekly tasks that will be explained at school. Each week they will receive a handout explaining the contributions that are expected of them and how to use the Wiki to make these contributions. Students will learn how to use the Wiki in class. Students who are unable to access the internet at home will be given priority use of the computers at school.

Wikis are a popular new tool used in education that allow students to work collaboratively at home and school, share their ideas and network with students from other schools. I hope that integration of new e-technologies will enhance learning by providing engaging learning experiences!

By clicking on the discussion tab on this page, parents can discuss this Wiki and the science and literacy learning occurring with myself and one another. I would love to hear any thoughts, concerns and any feedback!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Miss Fraser