Week 2: Invasive Species

This week we visited Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre where we learned about the impact that invasive species have on our native wildlife.

Cats are hunters, not just cuddly pets! Photo by Yanjing Lu, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Feral_cat.jpg

This week you are to research an invasive species (see below for your group). Include information on the species scientific name, native habitat, how they came to be in Australia, the impacts on native wildlife and ecosystems and what can be done to reduce the impacts. You will be working collaboratively on your species descriptions so remember to edit each others work constructively as discussed in class this week. Contribute your descriptions below.

In addition contribute to the discussions on this page regarding your Herdsman Lake pledges.


Emma, James, Jane, Max

CatJohn, Amy, Mikey, Ellie

Rosie, Natalie, Scott, Nick

Cane Toad
Lisa, Shaun, Rachel, Sam

Feral PigsLaura, Cate, Matt, Toby