Week 3: Habitat Destruction

This week we have been reading Gary Crew's picture book "Finding Home" and looking at the land development occurring at Underwood Ave and the impact this may have on native species. Your task this week is to decide your stance on the Underwood Ave land development, and create an argument for or against it. You may find the following website useful;

Underwood Avenue Bushland

1. Write an argument for or against the development. Make sure you explain why you feel the way you do. This is to be between three and ten sentences.
2. Login to your Voki (see the handout if you have forgotten how to do this) and create a Voki reading your argument.

3. Embed your Voki on this page so that others can see it and listen to your argument (again see the handout for how to do this).
4. Using the discussion tab on this page, write a comment addressed to at least one of your classmates regarding what you thought of their argument.