Week 1; Habitats

This week your reading groups have been looking at texts about different habitats.

Forest Habitat in New Zealand. Can you see any other habitat types in this picture?

For homework this week;
  1. Contribute to a habitat description for your group using your text in your section below. You could embed pictures or videos.
  2. Provide a definition for one of the key words associated with your habitat group as discussed in class.
  3. Find a useful website about your habitat and add it to the "our resource tags" section of this Wiki.
  4. Find an environmentally themed article from a newspaper (this could be a print or online article) and bring it to class on Friday.

Tuart Dwellers by Jan Ramage

Habitat Description:

Tuart Forest Vocaulary:

The Hidden Forest by Jeannie Baker

Habitat Description:

Rocky Shore Vocabulary:

Leaf Litter by Rachael Tonkin

Habitat Description:

Leaf Litter Vocabulary: